Abstract FAQs

Q: I've completed all the tasks and everything has a green check mark.  Why does my submission still say "incomplete"?
A: You must now click the "Save Submission" link at the bottom of the task list to proceed.

Q: Can I edit my submission once I have completed it?
A: Yes, you may log back in and edit your submission including adding an award application

Q: What is the word or character limit? Does it include spaces?
A: The character limit is 4000 and this does not include spaces so you have plenty of wiggle room.  SLB typical submission contain anywhere from 1000 characters to 3000 characters so you should have plenty of space.

Q: What is the deadline?
A: The current deadline for submitting an abstract is June 16th, 2023, 11:59pm eastern time.

Q: Will there be a late breaking period?
A: Yes, late breaking abstracts will be accepted in late July and early August 2023.  Look for an email about the opening of the system.  These submissions will become posters pending review by the chairs and are not eligible for awards.

Q: What documents do I need for an award application?
A: Read the award application page for the complete list of documents required so you have everything ready when submitting your abstracts.

Q: When is the abstract/award deadline exactly?
A: The deadline to submit your abstract and awards submissions is June 16th, 11:59pm eastern time.

Q: Are subsections allowed in the abstract body?
A: Yes, you may include subsections. Please be sure subsections are clearly marked with bold headers.

Q: What happens if the meeting has to go virtual?
A: The 2023 program will take place as programmed over the same dates, including abstract presentations, virtually if an in-person event is not feasible.

Q: When will I hear about my abstract and/or award?
A: Notifications for abstract, award, and grant applications submitted by June 16th will be sent by July 24th.

Check back for our growing list of FAQs!