Conference Committee

Chair:Bob Clark
Bob Clark, Past President

Committee Members:
Lee-Ann AllenSLB President

Nick Lukacs, SLB President-elect
Mark Quinn, SLB Treasurer
David Underhill, 2018 Meeting Co-Chair
Darren Lee, 2018 Meeting Co-Chair

Anne Pereira, Development Chair

About the Conference Committee


Membership shall include a Chair which will be the Past President and will follow this term. Additional members include the President, President-elect, Treasurer (also the chair of the Finance Committee), Fundraising Chair (also the chair of the Grant and corporate Relations Committee) , and 1 or 2 Scientific Program Chair(s) specific to the annual meeting by year. The Scientific Program Chairs may be recruited from Council members or the general membership. All members serve terms as associated with their council positions with the exception of the Annual Meeting Chairs who serve beginning at the initial planning stages of the meeting and are released at the conclusion of the annual meeting. This is the only committee which does not have a liaison as the Past President serves as chair and serves this purpose.


The group has authority to make decisions, as approved by Council, to develop annual scientific programs to serve the goals of better efficiency and coherence in the organization of the meetings, and assurance of financial security of the annual event.

Activities and Responsibilities:

1. Organizing fundraising efforts for the Annual Meeting

2.  Budget planning which does not cause a projected strain or deficit to the society in general.

3.  Ensuring proper publicity relating to the meeting

4.  Coordinating all activities relating to the financing of that meeting

5.  Approve the scientific program including topic specifics and invited speakers as presented by the Scientific Program Chair(s).

6.  Review of submitted abstracts for selected talks and poster presentations

7.  Planning of social and networking events associated with the annual meeting.

8.  Coordinate future meeting locations including, when desirable, partnerships with other societies with a goal of planning SLB meeting locations and partnerships at least 3-5 years in the future.

9.   Make recommendations to council for sponsored symposium which are held at other society annual meetings.

10.  Pursue other societies to hold guest symposiums at SLB annual meetings.