Post-doctoral positions available at National Cancer Institute (NCI), NIH, Frederick, MD

We have available a post-doc position in our NCI, NIH immunology lab located in Frederick, MD. Our lab is a member of the "Cancer and Inflammation Program," which focuses on the promotion of tumor growth by inflammatory stimuli, and we are studying means of harnessing immunity to overcome cancer. The laboratory is engaged in the identification and characterization of alarmins, a subset of host-derived, “danger-activated molecular patterns” (DAMPs) and their role in host defense. We have utilized alarmins that activate Toll-like receptors as potent components of immunotherapeutic vaccines aimed at enhancing tumor immunity. When used together with checkpoint inhibitors, they are capable of curing large tumors in mice. To deal with more resistant tumors, we are in the process of developing even more potent combinations of immunotherapeutics and delineating the underlying mechanism(s) of action of their antitumor effects. In addition, we are developing novel potent checkpoint inhibitors to overcome the immunosuppressive tumor environment. Thus, we are engaged in fundamental as well as translational research with the goal of achieving clinically applicable immunotherapy.

Please send your resume to Dr. Joost Oppenheim at [email protected]   or tel. 301 846 1552