NIGMS Shifts Focus to Sepsis Research Support

NIGMS Shifts Focus to Sepsis Research Support

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) has recently decided to shift its areas of scientific interest related to its portfolio of sepsis research support.  In particular, NIGMS will place added emphasis on:

  • Research that is patient-based, or utilizes clinical information from humans who develop the condition of sepsis;
  • Research which capitalizes on computational models and informatics, including machine learning and AI;
  • Studies that utilize non-traditional research organisms as models for understanding sepsis; and
  • Exploratory research that fits our technology development programs, leading to the ability to predict and diagnose sepsis.

As always, NIGMS is most interested in promoting a mechanistic understanding of sepsis, with the aim of developing future therapeutic strategies.

Accordingly, the institute has recently published two Notices in the NIH Guide to Grants and Contracts:

  1. NOT GM 19-054, NOTICE OF INFORMATION: NIGMS Priorities for Sepsis Research
  2. NOT GM 19-057, REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI): Strategies to Support Acquisition and Use of Biospecimens for Research on Sepsis in Humans (response is due by November 15, 2019)

These Notices are part of the NIGMS response to recommendations from our National Advisory Council Working Group on Sepsis.  Feel free to share this notice with colleagues.

NIGMS especially wants to stimulate interest in sepsis research in communities that may not have been aware of the challenges of identifying and treating sepsis patients.  Sepsis research needs new investigators, new models and new approaches!

Contact Rochelle Long with questions and review her presentation to the National Advisory Council can be found at this link beginning at the 55 minute mark.

Contact with questions:

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