Latest News from FASEB

Latest News from FASEB

Prioritizing Policy Recommendations for Biden-Harris Transition Team to Serve You

To signal our commitment to work with the Biden Administration, FASEB sent the Biden-Harris Transition Team 11 key policy recommendations to advance the scientific enterprise and innovation. The recommendations covered three overarching themes: increase investments in science and innovation, sustain the research workforce, and engage all stakeholders in policy discussions on public access to peer-reviewed publications. FASEB representatives reviewed the recommendations in a discussion with transition team members after the team received the recommendations. FASEB will continue to play a key role in helping the Biden-Harris Administration develop biomedical research priorities that advance your members’ needs for the next four years.

Assessing the Impact of Election 2020 Results on FASEB

FASEB President Louis B. Justement, PhD, moderated a panel discussion to assess the impact of Election 2020 results on FASEB’s science funding and policy issues. An exclusive member benefit for Full and Associate members, the webinar, “Election 2020: Understanding the Impact on Science Funding and FASEB’s Role in the Transition Process,” offered an in-depth analysis of the 2020 Presidential and congressional elections. Speakers included Greg Giroux, Senior Reporter at Bloomberg Government; Betsy Mullins, Independent Consultant previously with Hillary for America and the Florida Democratic Party; and Leslie Albright, Former Professional Staff, House Appropriations Committee. The speakers presented an analysis of expected changes in congressional committees and provided an overview of the legislative outlook for 2021. Veterans of previous Presidential transitions also offered their perspectives on the role of Congress and the federal agencies during the transition process and provided advice on what FASEB can do to ensure that research and science issues become top priorities for the next administration as well as the new Congress.

Setting Priorities for 2021 and Beyond

Extensive discussion and planning focused on FASEB’s short- and long-term programs and investments occurred at the FASEB Board’s virtual meeting in December. The FASEB Board, whose representation is open to all Full member societies, directly influences the Federation’s work and priorities affecting you and your society.

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Supporting Your Researchers via Catalyst Conferences

To provide a forum for your members to test an idea and gain the skills and confidence they need to become future Science Research Conference organizers, FASEB launched the Catalyst Conferences series. Designed as short, half-day virtual meetings, Catalyst Conferences are intended to help foster communities in emerging areas of biology. “Integrative Approach for Complex Diseases Prevention and Management and Beyond” was the initial conference in the series, led by researcher Kei Hang Katie Chan, MPH, PhD, an Assistant Professor at City University of Hong Kong.

If you want to demonstrate your commitment to providing your members with opportunities to share and explore research specific to your society’s field in the life sciences, consider collaborating with FASEB to host a Catalyst Conference. Learn more 

Exploring How to Facilitate Data Sharing

How does data sharing benefit your members and the scientific community? What facilitates and hinders data sharing? How can federal agencies, individual scientists, and scientific societies alleviate the barriers? These were some of the questions explored at the 2020 FASEB Science Policy Symposium, an exclusive event for member society staff, FASEB Science Policy Committee, and Board members. Under the theme, “Data Management and Sharing: Brainstorming Barriers and Opportunities,” the symposium enabled participants to examine hindrances to data sharing and provided an opportunity for participants to influence FASEB’s recommendations regarding possible resolutions. 

Highlighting FASEB Scientists at AGU Meeting

FASEB collaborated with the American Geophysical Union (AGU) to present a joint session on geohealth at AGU's fall meeting. The session, "Impacts of Heat Stress on Infectious Disease: Drawing Biological Links Between Geoscience and Human Health," was FASEB's first collaboration with AGU scientists. Convened by FASEB President-elect Patricia L. Morris, PhD, and Immediate Past President Hannah V. Carey, PhD, the session featured a panel of AGU and FASEB scientists who explored the synergy between the AGU community's studies on geohealth impacts of extreme heat and the FASEB community's studies on how heat stress and heat tolerance influence human health and performance. Among the expert panelists were scientists from several FASEB member societies, including American Physiological Society, American College of Sports Medicine, Society of Toxicology, and Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention.

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Did You Know? 

The review period for nominations for 2021 and 2022 Excellence in Science Awards were revised. Review of the 2021 nominations was delayed to accommodate shifting responsibilities and schedules of our volunteers resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. That review process has resumed and the 2021 awardees will be announced later this spring. Learn more