Changing of the Guard: A New Chapter for JLB

Changing of the Guard: A New Chapter for JLB

The Journal of Leukocyte Biology (JLB) is the keystone of our society. It is a place to publish, read, and connect.  JLB also supports the operation of the society including annual programs, robust awards, annual workshops, and much more. As with most societies, the journal and the society are tightly interwoven, and our community values the journal and all those who dedicate themselves to its success.

The journal began in 1967 as RES, the Journal of the Reticuloendothelial Society, SLB’s previous moniker. Under the leadership of J.W. Rebuck, along with B.N Halpern, Q.N. Myrvik, and C.C. Stewart, RES evolved to become JLB, which subsequently was led by J.J. Oppenheim and, since 2009, Luis Montaner. All of the past EICs served the society and journal with diligence, dedication, and passion, making our science and community a well-recognized entity and a valued resource for immunobiologists around the world.

Looking at the JLB of today, there is no one more dedicated than our Editor-in-Chief, Luis Montaner. For more than a decade, Luis has devoted himself to the growth and intrinsic value of the journal. He has guided the journal through enormous change, from the advent of open access publishing to the emergence of a pandemic. Throughout these 13 years he has provided JLB with steady, thoughtful, and professional leadership. Some of his notable achievements include transitioning to online only publishing, overseeing the redesign of the journal and website, and adapting to meet the ever-changing landscape of competition in scholarly publishing. He also has worked hard to foster new editorial positions and initiatives, resulting in a greater outreach for JLB. Thanks to Luis, JLB has established partnerships with scientific societies around the world, from Central and South America to Africa, China, India and Singapore. Throughout this time, he has remained a steady presence at the helm. The result has been a recently released Impact Factor of 4.962. JLB is stronger than ever and the society has our EIC to thank for this success.

2023 signifies the end of the current EIC’s term, marking the end of an era and the beginning of a new age for JLB. The society is most grateful for Luis’ unparalleled service and we look forward to his continued presence in the Society and on the Editorial Board. SLB also looks forward to welcoming new leadership to JLB and all of the exciting adventures ahead.

Following the Society Handbook, and under the watchful eye of the Council and Publication Committee, a subcommittee has been formed and is tasked with finding the next great leader of JLB. With careful consideration, extensive discussions, and thoughtful transition planning, the subcommittee will call for applicants this Fall. To ensure a smooth transition, the new EIC will be identified by the Spring of 2022. The incoming EIC will shadow the current EIC and gradually take the reins to ensure the new EIC is fully prepared to begin their first 4-year term on January 1, 2024.

SLB  cannot adequately express our appreciation to Luis Montaner for his remarkable service. Recognition and a ceremony of gratitude will be shared society-wide once we are able to join together again at annual meetings.

Please look for the “Call for Applications” coming this Fall and share this announcement widely within your own networks.  SLB and JLB are excited about beginning this new chapter.