FASEB Washington Update: Dec. 2021

The president signs a continuing resolution, keeping the federal government open through February 18. Meanwhile, FASEB urges Congress to complete FY 2022 budget negotiations before February. Read more


Co-chairs from the NIH initiative, UNITE, update the Advisory Committee to the Director on its progress and recommendations to end structural racism. Read more


FASEB launches two new opportunities for researchers to engage with DataWorks!, our new initiative that brings the biological and biomedical research communities together to advance human health through data sharing and reuse. Read more



NIH is reassessing its GDS Policy within the current research landscape to ensure the policy's alignment with the NIH's broader policy on data management and sharing.Read more


FASEB is hosting a webinar focusing on conflict resolution skills and resources for graduate students. Lori Conlan from NIH Office of Postdoctoral Services and Stacy Satchell from the Graduate School at Vanderbilt University are among the presenters.Read more


NSF releases results from its 2020 Survey of Earned Doctoratesits annual census of individuals earning research doctoral degrees from accredited U.S. academic institutions. Read more


With the resignation of Francis S. Collins as NIH director, HHS names Lawrence Tabak as acting director and Tara Schwetz replaces Tabak as NIH principal deputy director.Read more


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