International Neutrophil Institute Grant Opportunity

International Neutrophil Institute Grant Opportunity

Grant Overview


The International Neutrophil Institute (INI) was founded in 2022 to catalyze basic and translational
neutrophil-centered research that enhances our understanding of neutrophil biology and leads to treatment strategies that advance human health. Through our multi-year grant program and conference initiatives, we are committed to achieving our goals through innovation and collaboration. The INI is applying a disease-agnostic, people-first approach to our endeavors. Our organization takes a long-term perspective to contribute to generating the next wave of therapies and strategies to treat patients across a broad spectrum of diseases.

Research Hypothesis

Our grant program’s goal is simple: we are interested in funding novel research that elucidates neutrophil biology with the eventual objective of treating patients. This requires a basic understanding of neutrophil functions in homeostatic and disease conditions as well as a translational component to identify clinically-actionable therapeutic pathways that manipulate neutrophil activities. A variety of tools, methods, perspectives, and techniques will be necessary to achieve our goals; we are committed to funding it all. We also recognize the importance of collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches and welcome applications that reflect this. Each year’s grant program will focus on a specific research question. We will always accept applications for projects of all kinds relating to neutrophil research, and in select cases will grant awards to exceptional applications, but will favor projects pertaining to that year’s research question.

2024 Research Question: Is there a neutrophil-exclusive “don’t eat me” signal?
2024’s grant program will focus on funding research that seeks to answer this question. Creativity and
risk-taking in these proposals is encouraged.

Grant Content Requirements

We emphasize that proposals are content-focused. We do not have requirements for formatting, length, etc. We strongly believe the current grant process as a whole has become too convoluted and taken researchers’ time away from the bench. With this in mind, we have narrowed in on a few key questions:
  • Why are you interested in studying this?
  • What are your aims?
  • How do you plan to measure your results?
  • A general budget
  • “Personal Focus”

In a short paragraph or so, briefly describe what most occupies your mindshare that pertains to either neutrophil biology or technology engineering. This, ironically, doesn't need to relate to the proposed project if such is the case. These questions/sections can be answered in a variety of formats. We are also open to receiving applications submitted to other organizations.

Length of Grants

The grant length will be 4 years. In an effort to reduce superfluous researcher workload throughout the process, we do not require formal 6-month progress reports. As science may lead us down unexpected paths, we accept changing the aims to reflect new directions based upon these findings.

Grant Amounts

Each grant opportunity consists of an approximate annual budget of $100,000 including a maximum of 12% for indirect costs. We strive to work with our researchers to accommodate for changes as we are committed to accomplishing our scientific goals.


Grants can be submitted in PDF or Word Document format via email to [email protected].
For more information about grants and our organization, please contact [email protected].

We will accept grant applications until June 30th, 2024