Call For Proposals: SLB 2023 Special Interest Group Satellites

Submit by January 31st, 2023, 5pm eastern

SLB is pleased to provide a platform for society members to organize their own 2023 session.  These Special Interest Group Satellites (SIGs) will be held on Wednesday, September 27th, 2023 in association with the annual meeting. Proposals will be reviewed by the conference program chairs to ensure there is no conflict in topics and/or speakers.

Up to 4 slots are available with each slot being 3 hours; assigned to either a 9am-12pm or 1-4pm time slot.

SLB will provide:

  • A session room with seating capacity for approximately 35 and basic presentation AV (screen, PC laptop, projector, microphone)
  • Satellite session advertised in all meeting announcements, on the website, in the event app, and as a special registration item for attendees
  • 5 complimentary main meeting registrations to be assigned at the SIG chair's discretion.
  • A light refreshment and snack will be provided in the morning and afternoon for SIG participants.
SIG Organizers will be responsible for:
  • Organizing their session including acting as session chair and selecting, inviting and confirming all speakers. All speakers must be approved by SLB before they are formally invited. Proposed speaker line-up should consider diversity in all facets and also speakers from a variety of institutions. A 3 hour session is provided and it is at the discretion of the organizer to schedule an appropriate number of speakers.
  • Providing all session information to SLB by the indicated deadlines.
  • Ensuring chairs and speakers complete their travel and housing arrangements and that they are aware of reimbursements available, if any, via the session organizers. SLB will not communicate with satellite speakers directly and will not provide and housing or travel reimbursements.
  • Informing SLB of the 5 complimentary registration designations and ensuring all speakers/chairs are registered for the meeting. If more than 5 speakers are invited, they must register for the conference.
  • Ensuring that all chairs and speakers are aware of SLB’s speaker disclosure requirements and other SLB 2023 policies.
  • Deadline to submit proposals – January 31, 2023 (do not formally invite speakers until approved by SLB)
Proposal Requirements:
  • Satellite Session title
  • Satellite Organizer(s)/Chair(s) (Name, institution)
  • Proposed Speaker(s) (Name, institution, and tentative talk title)
  • Confirm understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each party.
  • Other requests/special needs/considerations

Other Notes:

  • All meeting participants (including chairs and speakers) must register for the main meeting. No complimentary guests are permitted to attend the satellite session.
  • If the organizer plans to secure outside sponsorship for the session, please contact the SLB offices to discuss the arrangements prior to any firm agreements. SLB will not facilitate SIG sponsorships but can include sponsors in the program listing.
  • Proposal submitter must be a current society member and renew for 2023.
  • SLB will charge those registering to attend a SIG a nominal participation fee. This fee does not apply to the SIG chair(s) or speakers. Fees are used by SLB to help support the AV and room costs and will not be transferred to the SIG organizers and/or speakers.
  • No catering or abstract support is provided for the SIGs.

Submit proposals and/or questions to [email protected] by January 31st, 2023.