Special Events

Below are planned special sessions featured in 2018. Dates and times are tentative. Check back for updates in early 2018.

New for 2018, Member led Special Interest Group Satellites (SIGs)

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Attend one or two sessions, morning coffee/pastries and lunch included. Pre-registration required, cost $10 per attendee, per session.


What are these long thin things; tethers, cytonemes or extracelullar DNA?

Organizer: Alex Marki
Chairs: Myron Cybulsky, Toronto General Hospital Research Institute & Alexi Marki, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology

  • Klaus Ley, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, Tethers and slings of rolling leukocytes, role of cell maturation
  • Myron Cybulsky, Toronto General Hospital Research Institute, Post-arrest monocyte tethers, spreading and cytoskeletal rearrangement
  • Siu Ling Wong, Boston Children’s Hospital Harvard Medical School, Remodeling of cell membrane, cytoskeleton and endomembrane during formation of neutrophil extracellular traps
  • Alex Marki, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, Tethers and slings detach from rolling and arrested neutrophils


Enabling technologies for Leukocyte Research

Organizer & Chair: Daniel Irimia, Harvard Medical School

  • Rashid Bashir, U. Illinois Urbana Champaign, Microfluidic devices for CD64+ Neutrophils Counting and Sepsis Diagnostic
  • Shuichi Takayama, Georgia Tech, Leukocyte assays in pulmonary fibrosis
  • Han Wei Hou, Nanyang Technology University, Singapore, NETosis on a chip for diabetes monitoring
  • Ken Kotz, DRAPER Labs, Boston, High-throughput purification and transfection of leukocytes
  • Thomas Laurell, Lund University, Sweden, Label-free enrichment of mononuclear cells from blood
  • Alex Hopke, Harvard Medical School, How neutrophils seal off sites of bacterial and fungal infections.


1pm – 4pm

Microbiome, mucosal immunology and aging

Organizers & Chairs: Rebecca Fuldner, NIH & Alan Landay, Rush

  • Alan Landay, Rush, Inflammaging and the Microbiome: A Dangerous Liaison
  • Elizabeth J. Kovacs, UC Denver, Inflammaging, microbiome and the multi-organ response to injury
  • Cara Wilson, UC Denver, Title TBA
  • Beth Jamieson, UCLA, Differential Effects of Aging on CD8+ T-cells in the Gut vs. Peripheral Blood
  • One more speaker TBA!


Emerging Concepts in NLR Sensing and Signaling

Organizer: Irving Coy Allen, Virginia Tech
Chairs: Irving Coy Allen, Virginia Tech & Ed Miao, UNC Chapel Hill

  • Vijay Rathinam, University of Connecticut, Inflammasomes: Linking infection and inflammation
  • Youssef Aachoui, UNC Chapel Hill, The NLRC4 Inflammasome in Host Defense
  • Andrew Sandstrom, University of California Berkeley, The NLRP1 Inflammasome
  • Masmudur Rahman, Arizona State University, Regulation of inflammasome and inflammatory responses by Myxoma virus: an oncolytic poxvirus
  • John Lukens, University of Virginia, Inflammasome Signaling in Neuroinflammation and Injury
  • Irving Coy Allen, Virginia Tech, Beyond the Inflammasome: Regulatory NLRs in immune system homeostasis


And back by popular demand...check back for session details in early 2018.

MTTG (Members in Transition and Training) Workshop - Sunday, October 14, 2018, Topic: State-of-the-art high-resolution imaging modalities (more details to come in spring 2018)

Professional Development Workshop - Monday, October 15, 2018, Topic: Team Science (more details to come in spring 2018)

Women and Diversity Workshop - Tuesday, October 16, 2018, Topic: Effectively Communicating Science: Getting the Word Out (more details to come in spring 2018)