2022 Special Interest Group Satellites

Learn about the session options and program details below for these pre-conference symposiums programmed by members for members. Sessions to be presented on Wednesday, October 26th, 2022. Sign-up during registration OR contact us to add any of these great sessions onto your schedule. A $20 fee applies per session.

Confirmed Special Interest Group Satellites

The Single Cell of Novel Immuno-Biology (9am-12pm)
Chairs: Aki Minoda, RIKEN & RiMLS Radboud University; Amit Singhal, A*STAR Infectious Diseases Labs; Musa M. Mhlanga, RiMLS-Radboud University Medical Center

  • Single-cell biology of barrier tissues and COVID-19, Jose Ordovas-Montanes, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School
  • Activation of type 2 innate immune response with ageing, Aki Minoda, RIKEN IMS & RIMLs Radboud University
  • Dynamics of host-pathogen interaction by single cell RNAseq, Amit Singhal, A*STAR Infectious Diseases Labs
  • Sex-differences in macrophage aging: are we missing half of the picture?, Berenice Benayoun, USC Keck School of Medicine
  • Air Defense Systems: How HSC-mediated trained immunity provides protection against airborne diseases, Maziar Divangahi - Meakins-Christie Laboratories, McGill University Health Centre 

Rejuvenation of Innate Leukocytes in the Treatment of Disease (9am-12pm)
Chair: Liwu Li, Virginia Tech

  • Rejuvenation of Innate Leukocytes in the Treatment of Acute and Chronic Diseases, Liwu Li, Virginia Tech
  • Genome-wide CRISPR Screen to Identify Regulators of Macrophage Efferocytosis: Novel Genes and Molecular Mechanisms, Hanrui Zhang, Columbia University School of Medicine
  • Stress Responses, Macrophage Functions and Atherosclerosis, Ebru Erbay, Altos Labs
  • Neutrophil-based Therapies for Inflammatory Diseases, Zhenjia Wang, Washington State University College of Pharmacy
  • Engineered Leukocytes in the Treatment of Diseases, Edward A. Botchwey, Emory University

Inflammatory Cell Death (1-4pm)
Chairs: Ben Croker, UCSD and Motti Gerlic, Tel Aviv University

  • Getting to Grips with Caspase-8 Homodimers and Heterodomers, Kim Newton, Genentech
  • Beautiful Dreamer: Sleep and Inflammation, Douglas Green, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Interferon Priming of Cell Death Signalling in Innate Immunity, James Vince, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
  • Single Cell Transcriptomic Analysis of HIV-1 Infected Tonsils Reveals Critical Roles for Inflammatory Signaling in Infected and Bystander Cells, Talia H. Swartz, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  • Inflammatory Cell Death of Mucosal Dendritic Cells in the Small Intestine, Monica Yabal, School of Medicine Klinikum rechts der Isar
  • Inflammasome Activation by a Bacterial Type VI Secretion System, Motti Gerlic, Tel Aviv University

Alcohol and Immunology: Mechanisms of Multi-Organ Damage (1-4pm)
Chairs: Rebecca McCullough and Elizabeth J. Kovacs, University of Colorado Denver

  • Impact of Chronic Ethanol Consumptions on the Epigenetic, Transcriptional, and Functional Landscape of Monocytes, Ilhem Messaoudi, University of Kentucky
  • Ethanol Effects on Intestinal T-cell Responses in Mice, Gail Cresci, Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute
  • Alcohol-induced Alterations in Alveolar Macrophage Oxidative Stress and Metabolism Cause Phagocytic Dysfunction, Samantha Yeligar, Emory University / Atlanta VA Health Care System
  • Neuroimmunometabolic Mechanisms of Alcohol Associated Risk for Comorbidities, Patricia Molina, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
  • Immune Dysregulation in FASD: From Animal Models to the Clinic, Joanne Weinberg, University of British Columbia