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SLB 2021 Video Abstract: Session I
Friday, September 17, 2021, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST
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Session I (Friday, September 17, 3-4pm ET)

Chaired by Vidula Vaccharajani


  • Human Ovarian Cancer Ascites Impairs Anti-tumor NK Cell Effector Functions, Antonio Hrvat, University Hospital Essen, University of Duisburg-Essen (Abstract Merit Finalist)
  • The Interplay Between Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles and Ovarian Cancer Immunotherapy, Antonio Hrvat, University Hospital Essen, University of Duisburg-Essen
  • Oral Neutrophils Mirror Systemic and Local Changes in Head-and-Neck Cancer, Ekaterina Pylaeva, University Hospital Essen
  • cAMP Bursts Control T Cell Directionality by Actinmyosin Cytoskeleton Remodeling, Morgane Simao, Cochin Institute
  • Manipulation of Plasma Cell Differentiation by Kaposi Sarcoma Herpesvirus Infection, Jennifer Totonchy, Chapman University

Context Dependent Immune Adaptation

  • Adenosine Regulates Cytotoxic CD4 T Lymphocytes in Trypanosoma cruzi Infection, Maria Aoki, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba
  • Sex Influences Production and Activation of Plasmablasts and Plasma Cells, Peter Pioli, Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine
  • Titanium Nanoparticles Enhance Production and Suppress GDF-15 Clearance in Macrophages, Lina Silva Bermudez, Medical Faculty Mannheim, Heidelberg University (Abstract Merit Finalist)
  • Traction Force Microscopy of Human Neutrophils During Critical Illness, Hadley Witt, Brown University / Rhode Island Hospital (Spotlight Abstract Award)