SLB Global Outreach

SLB recognizes the global contributions to research in our field. In an effort to support scientists in economically developing regions, SLB has developed a tiered discount plan for members around the world based on the United Nations HDI (Human Development Index) ranking. Full annual HDI assignments can be found at

Discounts will be confirmed upon use and are offered in tiered rates as outlined below and is applied to regular (one year only), postdoc and student memberships (three years).

  • HDI .85 and greater = no discount
  • HDI .80 thru .849 = 25% discount  (discount code SLBHDIlvl1)
  • HDI  .75 thru .79 = 50% discount (discount code SLBHDIlvl2)
  • HDI  0 thru  .749 = 75% discount (discount code SLBHDIlvl3)

Please identify your country's HDI using the website and then utilize the discount code provided above when completing membership and/or meeting registration forms.

Email with questions or issues utilizing the discount codes.