SLB Partners with NRMN for Mentoring Program

Researchers Access Free Mentorship and Development Resources through the NIH-Funded National Research Mentoring Network

The National Research Mentoring Network is supported by the National Institutes of Health Common Fund and Office of Scientific Workforce Diversity, award number U54GM119023, administered by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

In our continued commitment to provide mentorship and networking opportunities to all our members, SLB recently teamed up with the National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN). NRMN is an NIH-funded nationwide consortium of biomedical professionals and institutions collaborating to provide all trainees across the biomedical sciences with evidence-based mentorship, professional development, networking opportunities and resources.
The National Institutes of Health created NRMN as part of a larger Diversity Program Consortium designed to address the problem of underrepresentation of scientists from key diverse populations across the biomedical sciences. Postdoctoral researchers and fellows across the biomedical sciences are a particularly important part of the NRMN community, as one of NRMN’s objectives is to increase the success rates of scientists from these underrepresented populations in being awarded funding for their NIH grant proposals.
NRMN is a nationwide project operating on a hypothesis that granting all researchers access to evidence-based mentorship, professional development, and networking opportunities and resources will increase the success and persistence of those scientists who are currently underrepresented in the biomedical sciences workforce.
NRMN partners with many of the scientific member societies across the biomedical sciences to deliver its free programming and resources to postdocs and rising investigators across all levels of their career. Some other notable partners include the National Postdoctoral Association, the American Society for Microbiology, and producers of the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Scientists (ABRCMS).
Scientists who join NRMN will gain access to a body of peers in biomedical research, enhanced networking, professional development opportunities, research resources and mentorship experiences.
NRMN offers the following FREE programs that are suited to postdocs:
•    Guided virtual mentorship platform
•    MyNRMN mentorship networking application
•    Evidence-based mentorship training workshops
•    Intensive coaching programs to develop competitive F- and K-series NIH grant proposals
•    Webinars, Videos and News
•    Other professional development and grant-funding opportunities

Visit the NRMN website and consider signing up as a mentor or mentee today and remember to indicate your affiliation with SLB!  Email with questions.