Honorary Life Members

Congratulations to Lee-Ann Allen and Ann Richmond, the 2024 inductees! If you have suggestions for 2025 nominees, please email us with your ideas!

One of the responsibilities of the Awards and Honors Committee is the identification of individuals who should be accorded Honorary Life Members in the Society for Leukocyte Biology as a tribute to their contributions to the knowledge of leukocyte biology. Two honorary life members can be elected each year upon recommendation by the Council to the membership at the annual business meeting. Honorary life members are entitled to all of the rights and privileges of active members, are exempt from Society dues and annual meeting registration fees, are identified as Honorary Members in the directory and receive a free subscription to the Journal of Leukocyte Biology.

Honorary Life Members
Peter Abramoff Alan M. Kaplan Anthony J. Sbarra
Arthur M. Dannenberg Jr. Monte S. Meltzer Filippo Rossi
Steven D. Douglas Quentin N. Myrvik Ralph Van Furth
Ruth Gallily Carol A. Nacy Alvin Volkman
Siamon Gordon Joost J. Oppenheim William S. Walker
James L. Gowans John W. Rebuck Dorothea Zucker-Franklin
J. Brice Weinberg Sherwood M. Reichard Bruce Zwilling
Robert Smith John R. Ortaldo Robert Webster
Joan Stein-Streilein Debra L. Laskin Carleton C. Stewart
Seymour J. Klebanoff Carl Nathan Sharon Wahl
Peter Ward Andrea Tenner Sam Silverstein
Jill Suttles Charles (Cash) McCall Stefanie Vogel
Al Jesaitis  Elizabeth Kovacs  William Nauseef
Linda McPhail Charles Serhan  Helene Rosenberg
Phil Murphy  Mary Dinauer  Marco A. Cassatella
Gail Bishop  Edgar Pick  Lyle Moldawer
Lee-Ann Allen  Ann Richmond