MTTG Videos

SLB's MTTG undertook a mission in 2019; to show members the possibilities in today's era of video presentation.  They wanted to explore platforms such as elevator pitch videos and other ways to communicate your science.  In today's world, having many ways to communicate is essential and we thank MTTG for being at the forefront of bringing this concept to SLB.  Please see below some of the videos that were submitted and presented at the 2019 Annual Meeting.


Video 1: Mission of Members in Transition and Training Focus Group (MTTG)

Video 2: Dr. Erika Ricci is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Medicine in the
University of Peruglia, Italy. Her research focuses on investigating the role of Glucocorticoid-
Induced Leucine Zipper (GILZ) in neutrophils and how it mediates anti-inflammatory functions
by limiting neutrophil activity during an immune response.

Video 3: Dr. Simona Ronchetti is an Associate Professor at the Department of Medicine in the
University of Perugia, Italy. Her research focuses on exploring and understanding the
mechanisms of action of glucocorticoids in leukocytes in mediating immunosuppression and thus
susceptibility to infection.