Communications Committee

Henrique Serezani (iSLB senior editor)

Committee Members:
Jami Sturgill, Council Liaison
Kelley Cooper
Sydney Escobar
Bryan Heit
Samson Kosemani
Damian Maseda
Albert Sek
Shuvasree Sengupta
Stephanie Silva del Toro
Alan Hsu

Social Media Ambassadors:
Jose Maravillas-Montero
Abolaji Olagunju
Khan Mohammad Imran

About the Communications Committee
The primary purpose of this committee is to maintain the SLB website as a viable communication tool, responsive to the needs of the membership, with oversight from the Council. The Committee works closely with the SLB Executive Director to meet these goals. The committee also focuses on other mechanisms of communication including social media channels and the collection of articles for iSLB, the society newsletter composed three times annually for the membership. The group may also discuss avenues to further communications across a wide audience to disseminate information and expand the membership base.

See the full description of this committee in the Society Handbook.