Rules Committee

Nick Lukacs, President

Committee Members:
David Underhill, President-Elect
Lee-Ann Allen, Past President
Louis Justement, Incoming President-Elect
Anne Pereira, Treasurer
Silvia Uriarte, Secretary

About the Rules Committee


The Rules Committee shall be composed of the Executive Committee.


Questions relative to interpretation of the constitution shall be presented to the Rules Committee.

Activities and Responsibilities:

1. Provides information for the Council on matters relating to the Constitution of the Society, its bylaws and acts of the Annual Meeting.

2. Interprets for the Council the Constitution, bylaws, and acts of the Annual Meeting; recommends to the Council the classes of memberships; considers from time to time, either on its own initiative or by reference from the Council or the Membership, proposed revisions of the Constitution and bylaws

3. The Rules committee will prepare all amendments to the Constitution and its bylaws for submission to the Council for approval before submitting them to the membership for ratification.

4. Review related web pages and make suggestions for keeping content up-to-date.