Members in Transition and Training

Archana Gopalakrishnan
Ramya Ganesan

Maria Giulia Doglio
Kelley Cooper
Vijay Sai Josyula
George Karagiannis
Bhagawat Chandrasekar Subramanian
Parvind Singh
Samson Kosemani (Liaison to Communications)
Nathaniel Lartey (Liaison to Membership)

Elsa Bou Ghanem (Council Liaison)

Meet all of the MTTC members and learn about their research, scientific journey, and some fun facts about them too!

MTTG Resources

This work group formed in Spring 2015 is led by junior members of the society.  The purpose was to create a “from the bottom up” type of programming for the society’s junior members. MTTC leads the poster flash talk session programming at the annual meeting, a special session at the annual meeting focused on a topic chosen by the group, and helps review award applications for various SLB awards such as travel awards to GRCs outside of the SLB annual meeting. Two Council liaisons are assigned to mentor the group including the current Associate Councilor and the current Liaison to the Professional Development Committee.

See the full description of this committee in the Society Handbook.