Publication Committee

Peter Keyel

Committee Members:
Abdul Basit
Luiz Bermudez
Zhichao Fan
Janos Filep
Girdhari Lal
Darren Lee
Tamás Röszer

Jean Scholz, ex-officio
Sergio Catz, Council Liaison

About the Publication Committee

The committee formulates general policy concerning all publications and makes final decisions concerning publications arising out of Annual and International Meetings as well as other symposia of interest to the SLB, subject to review and approval by the council.  Additionally, other initiatives, journal topical issues and other projects may be undertaken in support of the society and journal. The committee is responsible for nominating an Editor(s)-in-Chief for Council approval and conducting reviews of the Editor-in-Chief as defined in the policies section of the Handbook.  The committee serves as a liaison between the membership and the Journal, providing oversight on general publication policy.

See the full description of this committee in the Society Handbook.