Professional Development Committee

Coy Allen

Committee Members:
Cherie Butts, Council Liaison
Heather Bruns
Elsa Bou Ghanem
Prajwal Gurung
Tae Kon Kim
Robert Maile
Radiah Minor
Jessica Snowden


Grant Writing PowerPoint Presentation Grant Writing Resources
Writing a First Grant Proposal Individual Development Plans


Congratulations to our Professional Development Committee and the attention they received for their successful 2011 Grant writing workshop! View the commentary article in Nature Immunology and utilize the various committee resources ►

About the Professional Development Committee


The Professional Development Committee is composed of a chair as appointed by the President plus 4 to 5 members, each serving a term of three years and is eligible for re-appointment. A council member, as appointed by the President, will serve as a liaison between the committee and the council. The council may suggest, and the President appoint, a new chair from the pool of current committee members.


The group has the authority to plan activities and propose programs that enhance the benefit of Professional Development to the membership with special emphasis on the Young Investigators. Proposals are to be provided to Council for approval.

Activities and Responsibilities:

1. Plan and organize an annual event for the membership to be held at the annual meeting. Grant Writing Workshop or other Workshop on topics of interest for the New Investigators. Discussion leaders and presenters for these sessions are to be sought for among the professional membership of the SLB. Other suggested topics of interests for future meetings are “starting your own lab” or “Presentation skills”.

2. Reports to Council via the liaison on activities at the spring and fall council meetings.

3. Enhance the knowledge and skills of SLB members through access to educational opportunities

4. Development of educational events at SLB meetings and of the Society’s website content

5. Maintenance of a list of “Resources” on the SLB webpage (Members only) with topics such as career advice, starting a new lab, the informed job search, etc.

6. A member of the Professional Development Committee acts as a Web site liaison to ensure content for the group is updated regularly.

7. Review related web pages and make suggestions for keeping content up-to-date.